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Pulp Packaging Inc. the factory behind is the ancestor of of a long line of premium highest quality box makers. In 1906 HR Drake & Sons Company began making boxes in the same factory we occupy today. In the mid 1900’s HR Drake & Sons was acquired by Paul T. Freund Corp. and over the next 120 plus years Freund acquired many other box making companies all integrated into the same facility located on the Erie Canal in Historic Palmyra, New York despite the many marriages of other companies we only had one identity, a BoxMaker.

The wooden beams, old factory power distribution pulley system proven boxmaking equipment and technology reminds our boxmakers of the integrity and craftsmanship that has occupied and produced the highest quality packaging for many, many years. This inspires and cultivates creativity and workmanship that respects the heritage of who we are.

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Pulp Packaging Inc. formed aboxfactory .com to offer direct access to certain products we have manufactured but until now were only available through resellers and distributors who were not the manufacturer. That narrow approach eliminated the end user or our packaging the ability to integrate with us to negotiate prices that met their qty needs, modifications in design to better suit their products or services and the ability to brand the boxes. Pulp Packaging Inc. allows offers this same direct approach to our full line of archival and photographic storage products through